Other sources

Clinical Research Practise Datalink

The Clinical Practise Research Datalink (CPRD) is the new English NHS observational data and interventional research service including data from primary care.

► Clinical Practise Research Datalink (CPRD) website


QRESEARCH is a large consolidated database derived from the anonymised health records of over 12 million patients, from 602 general practices spread throughout the UK. There is a fee for data extraction.

► QRESEARCH website

CSD Medical Research

CSD Medical Research provide access to THIN data which contain the electronic medical records of 3.7 million active patients collected from the clinical systems of over 500 GP practices in the UK. There is a fee for data extraction.

► CSD Medical Research website

Office for National Statistics

The Office for National Statistics produces independent information to improve the understanding of the UK’s economy and society. It’s Publication Hub has a theme on Health and Social Care.

► Office for National Statistics Publication Hub (Health and Social Care) webpage

International Cancer Research Portfolio

The International Cancer Research Portfolio (ICRP) database includes details of research projects funded by NCRI Partners and others in the USA, Canada and Europe. Researchers can search the ICRP to avoid duplication of research effort and identify potential collaborators.

► International Cancer Research Portfolio (ICRP) website